Our Studio

Our “Studio” is a fully-functional online “virtual studio”, referred to by us as our “V-Studio” where we take class to you! This means… students have to create their own space to dance safely at home.

We hope one day that it will be safe and “normal” enough for our studio to move into a physical space. Until that day our V-Studio will be there for our Diva L’ Dance family!

***Students do NOT need to have a fancy in-home dance studio to participate.***

Welcome to our V-Studio!

Requirements for safe dance space:

  • All students are required to have a minimum of a 6’x6′ space in their home
  • This space must be located indoors
  • It is preferred that the space remain consistent (dancers dance in the same space each class) to reduce distractions
  • If you are looking around and thinking “my home is too small for this” – it may require pushing the coffee table to one side, re-locating a couch or other furniture, our instructors are very creative and may be able to help you find a suitable space!
  • All distractions and/or safety hazards such as small siblings, sharp corners and/or live pets must be removed from the room before class times
  • Dancers are required to help create their space – and to return their homes to their “normal” state once class has concluded
  • Internet access, access to an app device (Android or Apple), or access to a computer, is vital for participation

Classes are hosted as a series of:

  • video conferencing,
  • online live-chats,
  • live-stream video,
  • pre-recorded lessons (Choreography),
  • pre-recorded shares,
  • shared file space (access to google drive required)
  • and much more!


  • Our classes are hosted on apps – making it easy and convenient for your kids to join us. Our instructional video in the Helpdesk page will help walk you through the app download and registration procedures, functionality, and all technology concerns for getting started with classes.
  • Diva L’Dance will initiate a video conference either via Zoom or Google Meet. Instructions are provided with ample announcement. We also utilize BAND app to keep our instructions, team and class information, any shared media, or conversations protected and available to only our student members and their parents.
  • Should safe practices allow – dancers may be able to compete or perform at live in-person events. guidelines for such events are thoroughly outlined in the membership packet.

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