Class Schedules

We want dancers who will be committed to our teams. Even in the performance divisions – dancers will only make improvements if they can make progress. Dancers who cannot commit to any of the following schedules should reconsider their application prior to submission. Dancers who are +/- 2 years from the age group in any division team should consider those schedules as well.

8 amDainty/Delicate
9 amDetermined/Dash
10 amDazzle/Dream
11 amDevelopé/Drive
12 amDedicate/Dare
3 pmPre Dance 1Technique 1Pre Dance 2DeluxeDeluxeDeluxe
4 pmDazzleI – BalletB – TapDreamDeluxe
5 pmB – BalletB – JazzI – JazzDriveDeluxe
6 pmI – Jazz
I – Cont/Mod
I – BalletI – BalletB – JazzDeluxe
7 pmA – Tap
A – Jazz/Funk
B – TapB – Jazz
B – Cont/Mod
B – Ballet
8 pmA – Jazz/Funk
A- BalletI – TapI – Tap
9 pmDedicate/Deluxe+A- BalletDareDeluxeDeluxe
*Schedules are subject to change.
T- Team & Choreography
B – Beginner
I- Intermediate
A- Advance

2020-2021 monthly schedules will be coming soon! The above schedule is only a draft as a reference for consideration.

Auditioning dancers will receive a final schedule prior to the audition date. You will need access to a Google Drive to view the schedule for each team.

Please note – it is recommended that parents and dancers review all schedules as their placement will be determined based on their audition performance.

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