Studio Policies

Tuition & FEes

Tuition may be payed in whole, half yearly, or in monthly installments. The first month of tuition is due by class #1.

Monthly tuition is due no later than the first day of class each month.

Dancers who choose to leave their team must confirm their decision in writing with parent signature using the proper forms – acquired via written request.

Any classes previously attended prior to the leave date will require payment; A prorated refund will be issued for any future classes for which the student will not (or did not previously) attend. Paid competition or workshop fees will only be reimbursed if the dancer is not attending the event and once/if the refund can be issued by competition/workshop organizers.


Dancers are responsible for ensuring costume fit both in measurement and reception of the costume.

Costume selections are announced by October 20th.

Costume selections are final.

Diva L’Dance staff will assist with measuring upon parent/guardian permission.

All parents/guardians must sign off on the sizing selected no later than November 15th.

Payments for costumes are due no later than December 1st.

There are no refunds for costumes.

A dancer may request a size exchange within the first 10 days of receiving their costume.

Diva L’Dance cannot control the make, quality, or fit of the costumes or shipping times/quality; costumes are provided from a 3rd party vendor.

Team Assignment

All team assignments are made from our professional staff by performing skilled evaluations of all auditioning dancers.

After auditions, staff works together to review their evaluations and formulate teams.

All team decisions are final.

On select occasions our staff may initiate moving a dancer to another team within the first 3 weeks of class; parents will receive audition feedback during this time.

Class fees do differ between teams. Dancers who are moved will assume the fees of their new team only. Any fees previously paid into their initial team assignment will be applied to their tuition in their new team.

Team policies

The policies above are specific to our studio. Dancers & parents are expected to follow team agreement policies which includes attendance, social media policies, behavior, consequences, etc. All parents (or acting guardians) and dancers must sign these agreements in order to audition for and retain membership on a Diva L’ Dance team.

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