Scholarships & Rewards

We reward dancers for the good we see in them!

Dancers can receive rewards and apply for scholarships throughout the year. Watch our announcements page for details on when applications are due!

Instructional Scholarships

  1. Perfect Attendance
    Dancers can apply to be evaluated for the perfect attendance award if they believe they have had perfect attendance from class #1 through the end of February. Any dancer who applies will be reviewed for eligibility. If multiple dancers with perfect attendance apply, their names are placed in a hat and a random winner is pulled for a $100 scholarship applied towards their annual dues & tuition.
  2. Kindness Matters
    Dancers who display an above and beyond extra level of kindness while representing Diva L’Dance (at workshops, competitions, etc.) can be nominated by their observing instructor to receive a free month of tuition. Nominations are reviewed by April 30th and applied towards May or June tuition or can be rolled into summer camp OR the first 3 months of tuition in the following year.
  3. Earn’D It!
    Dancers might earn scholarships through their performance during workshops or competition to various camps, workshops or events. They earn it fair and square – its theirs to keep!

    *Scholarship limits apply.
    An individual dancer may only apply for one scholarship per dance-academic year (Beginning September 1st of each calendar year).

Dancers can apply for one of three scholarships:


Dancer of the Month is awarded by each teacher who notice a dancer doing something “right.” Dancers who are awarded this title are showcased on our Instagram and Facebook pages and will be entered to win a gift certificate, prize, or discount on their next month’s tuition; presented in our annual recital.

La Famille is awarded to each dancer who has completed 2, 5, 10, or 15 full years as a member of our Diva L’ Dance family!

Awards are recognized once per dancer and counted by each annual recital/showcase performance year:

Bronze – 2 Years
Silver – 5 Years
Gold – 10 Years
Rose Gold – 15 Years

Dancers can earn one of two awards!

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